Safety First

  • Helmets are mandatory on all Livermore Cycling Club (LCC) rides.
  • Obey traffic laws. Riders must observe all California road rules, including stopping at stop signs, using signals, and respecting other road users.
  • Ride predictably and communicate. Use clear hand signals when changing direction. Be aware of fellow cyclists and alert them if you plan to pass.
  • Be prepared. Carry appropriate tools, hydration, and emergency contact information.
  • Know your limits. Choose rides that match your ability and fitness level. Inform the ride leader of any medical conditions that may affect your ride.

Group Riding Etiquette

  • Ride Leaders: Designated ride leaders set the pace, announce route changes, and are responsible for general group safety. Please follow their instructions.
  • Respect fellow riders. Ride in a courteous and considerate manner. Be mindful of varying skill levels.
  • No rider left behind. We support a welcoming atmosphere. Groups should make reasonable efforts to remain together, especially during social rides.

Membership and Conduct

  • Members agree to the LCC Waiver. Participation in club rides assumes acceptance of the waiver’s terms.
  • Represent LCC positively. Members will be respectful to other cyclists, trail users, and the community at large. Sportsmanship and positive attitudes are encouraged.

Ride Logistics

  • Ride announcements: Check the LCC website or communication channels [e.g., email, social media group] for ride schedules, routes, and any ride-specific requirements.
  • Guest riders: Guests are welcome with the understanding that they abide by LCC rules and may be asked to sign a temporary waiver.

Additional Notes

  • Mountain Biking: Specific safety and trail etiquette may apply to mountain bike rides. These will be outlined in ride announcements as needed.
  • Disclaimer: Participation in cycling carries inherent risks. LCC cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • Rules updates: LCC reserves the right to amend these rules as needed for the safety and smooth operation of the club.

How to Become a Member 

  • Sign the waiver: Click here to print and sign. Bring a copy to AJ’s Family Cyclery or email a copy to
  • Sign up for our newsletter: Learn more about upcoming group rides, local cycling events, workshops, and more!

Get the kit

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